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Welcome to Cold Chain LLC.

We design and manufacture custom cold storage solutions for both facilities and transportation.

Cold Chain LLC

Cold Chain is a leader in developing advanced solutions to common problems in the cold storage, food processing and transportation industries. We help our partners save energy, preserve product integrity and enhance safety during production, storage and transportation. Practical technology at work.

Cool Products. Period.

Cold Chain, LLC. partners with our customers to solve their problems and meet their future needs. Our practical designs provide revolutionary solutions where other solutions have failed.

Whether we are helping customers save energy at a cold storage facility, finding ways to increase production time, improving delivery efficiency. Our unique solutions provide our customers new ways to become more profitable, efficient and safe.


High Speed, Impact resistant, and energy efficient Freezer & Dock Doors.


Automatic Trailer Door Operators “ATDO” & Light weight Single Panel Trailer Doors.


Infiltration Reduction Vestibules – “IRV”.

We strive to manufacture innovative, durable products that make our customers more profitable, efficient and safe.


We build our products to last and build quality in. Our products are required to perform in very challenging environments. We use materials we expect will hold up under rugged temperature and industrial use conditions.


We stand behind our products and do everything within our power to ensure our customers are happy. We don’t make excuses. Our products are expected to perform beyond customer’s expectations.


These are hallmarks of Cold Chain. We leave all situations better, cleaner and more organized than we found them. We pick up after ourselves and others. In the customer’s place of business, in our work areas, in our offices, in our vehicles, and any other place we do business, we are clean, organized and courteous.


Our products are designed to operate efficiently, help our customers reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and increase on-the-job safety and productivity.


We run our business with integrity and honesty. We do our best to always do the right thing for no other reason than that it is the right thing to do. We always treat our co-workers, suppliers and customers the way we would like to be treated, even in the most difficult situations.


Our products are built with the best quality materials and are engineered to last even in the most rugged conditions.

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